DATES: July 14 - 28, 2014

DEADLINE for application and full payment of $3,000

May 15th at 11:59 EST (notifications will be sent by June 1st)



What will you get out of this program: 

Running since 1999, this intensive, highly competitive program offers participants concerned with human trafficking unique access to some of Southeast Asia's preeminent scholars, activists, organizers and government officials at the forefront of the global anti-trafficking movement. Participants will travel extensively to gain local insights and perspectives on effective strategy, while benefiting from direct exposure to the surroundings which often propel trafficking.

WARNING: It will change your life!

Participants will:

  • Attend academic seminars

  • Examine the real implications of US foreign policies in anti-trafficking

  • Undertake individual  field research

  • Travel extensively to gain local insights and perspectives on effective strategies

  • Benefit from direct exposure to the surroundings which often propel trafficking

  • Gain vital first hand knowledge of anti-trafficking unwritten "best practices"

  • Develop nuanced views of systemic causes of trafficking

  • Evaluate significant challenges in the anti-trafficking movement globally

  • Networking and build solidarity amongst current and future leaders

  • Explore connections between HIV AIDS and human trafficking with leading researchers in the field and hear from the organizers themselves

  • Learn about alternative economic models for high risk and trafficked persons in recovery

  • Study reports and books assigned prior to the trip

  • Grapple with provocative material written by thought leaders in the field

  • Assess and examine their own perspectives against first hand program experiences

Topics Explored

  • History of the anti-trafficking movement
  • Differences between sex and labor trafficking
  • Politics of irregular migration
  • Statelessness
  • Impact of foreign policy of the “North” on the global “South”
  • Laws and legal frameworks
  • NGOs as pivotal civil society builders
  • Globalization and human security
  • HIV/AIDS and trafficking
  • Shifting norms/promising practices in the anti-trafficking movement
  • NGO sustainability
  • Affects of international development and foreign aid
  • Philosophical divides between NGOs and IGOs

Qualities required:

The ideal candidate will demonstrate:    

  • Basic knowledge of human trafficking

  • Serious interest in learning from speakers and activities

  • Adaptability to new cultures and experiences

  • Respect of other faiths and private observation of their own

  • Adherence to and appreciation of local customs, laws and traditions

  • Flexibility with inevitable schedule, travel and event changes

  • Ability to get along with a diverse group of people

  • Physical stamina necessary for fast paced travel

  • Sense of humor :)

Program Fee:

USD $ 3,000 per participant - includes deposit, accommodation, breakfast & lunch (and a few group dinners), transport within Thailand (flights, train and private van) and 24/7 in-country assistance. PAY NOW to reserve your spot!


* Participants are responsible for arranging and paying for their own travel to Thailand.


 ~ A visa is not required for U.S. citizens staying in Thailand under 30 days. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you are responsible for contacting a Thai Embassy to determine if you need a visa to enter Thailand, and arranging your own visa if applicable.

~ Accommodations in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya are based on double occupancy (single occupancy can be arranged for individuals who are willing to pay the difference in cost. Please email for details).

~ Participants will use a variety of means to travel within Thailand, including taxi, sky train, van, bus, and plane . All are safe and efficient.

~ Continental breakfast and lunch is is provided (and some group dinners). Most dinners are on your own (you will need a break from the group ;) for time to reflect and process everything you are learning.

~ Taxi costs from the airport will be reimbursed with a receipt upon arrival. We will send you specific instructions in Thai and English for the taxi driver.

* Participants are responsible for arranging and paying for their own travel to Thailand.