"Hope in the face of difficulty, hope in the face of uncertainy, the audacity of hope" - Barrack Obama


Dear Friends,

The words of President Barrack Obama have never resonated more for our world. For as human traffickers offer false hope of employment, false hope of an education, and false hope of a better life abroad, we here at Prevent Human Trafficking (PHT) look to replace these false hopes of trafficked individuals with real opportunities to pursue real dreams.

Since 1999, PHT has built a strong base of support for trafficked individuals through our programs and services in Thailand, Cambodia, and the United States. Our focus is the elimination of the exploitation of the weakest segments of our society. In traveling twice yearly to Southeast Asia, we aim to export HOPE about successful programs while importing information on how to combat the horrors of the trafficking industry. We also aim to educate the next generation of human rights activists, policy makers, and academics. Towards this end, forty-three students have participated in PHTs annual study tour to Thailand, and twenty-three interns have provided administrative support at PHT’s office in Washington, DC.

Each year, members of our team speak out at conferences here in the United States and abroad on the scope and impact of human trafficking; merged with the Washington, DC, Anti-trafficking Taskforce to increase its knowledge base and conduct trainings; coordinated meetings and introductions between NGOs, U.S. policy makers, and caregivers; and raised awareness of students attending summer intern programs. Our HOPE is that these efforts increased the awareness of the crime of human trafficking and will substantially improve the help and resources provided to the caregivers, NGOs, policy makers, and ultimately, the actual victims of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is nothing less than a crime against humanity, robbing countless people of their dignity, self-worth, and future. We at PHT are unequivocally committed to the empowerment of victims of human trafficking while empowering and educating all individuals to help fight this human scourge. Our staff is comprised of knowledgeable, compassionate individuals who are focused on ending the suffering caused by human trafficking. PHT believes that restoring true HOPE to the victims of exploitation by our programs and better educated advocates are the most valuable contributions we can make to this world.

We would like to sincerely thank our supporters for their dedication to the vision of PHT. We are confident that together, we can continue to bring HOPE to the victims of human trafficking with our programs.

Christina Arnold
Executive Director