PHT's 2011 Summer Tour Video

Prevent Human Trafficking's summer study program, running since 1999, offers unique access to some of Southeast Asia's pre-eminent scholars, activists, organizers and government officials working at the forefront of the global anti-trafficking movement. 

Participants in the study program will gain vital first hand knowledge of anti-trafficking strategy and unwritten "best practices" and a deeper understanding of systemic causes of trafficking along with an appreciation of challenges in the anti-trafficking movement. Special lectures by local academics, government officials, business leaders, NGO activists, and other guest speakers will provide fresh perspectives on the real reasons there are serious threats to human security, and why men, women and children are trafficked internally in Thailand or to other countries. 

Participants will have the opportunity to experience academic seminars in Thailand's pre-eminent institutions, to examine the real implications of US foreign policies in anti-trafficking, and to travel extensively to gain local insights and perspectives on effective strategies, while benefiting from direct exposure to the surroundings which often promote trafficking. Participants will also explore connections between human trafficking and a host of other issues with leading researchers in the field, and hear from the organizers themselves about alternative economic models for trafficked persons in recovery, and those at risk.